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Home Surveyed
staging statistic

The Numbers Don't Lie.

Absolutely NO 

(0%) of Seller's Agents

Believe Staging Had 

a NEGATIVE Impact 

On The Value

Of The Home

NAR 2019 Profile of Home Staging Report

As a home stager, I am here to help you sell your listings quickly, and for maximum profit! I understand the pressures you face as a Real Estate Agent; The listings, the timelines, the clients.

I want to help.

My main goal is one I'm sure is one of yours as well; I want to help my clients (Your sellers) detach from the "Home" and instead, see their house as a product. Once their mindset shifts, I can help them get their product ready for top dollar sale!


Bringing in a Professional Stager is a quick and profitable way to enhance your listing package. Our priority is making you and your product look good!

We offer volume, discounted Partner Pricing. Perfect for our agents with multiple listings.

We are Certificated and Accredited

We offer a thorough, detailed staging report that gets the client busy and excited about selling the house. Or they can opt for the hands-off approach and hire us for a half day or full day Staging service themselves.

We offer additional educational handouts that are designed to make it "click" for the sellers that don't quite understand why staging is a must.

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