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Back for more! As promised, this article will feature some more amazing trends to add to your space this year! Whether you just updated your space last summer, or you haven't bought something new for the home since 2010, something on this list will be sure to appeal to that designer hidden inside, and you will say "Yes! My home needs this!". So, without further ado, let's continue our top trend journey!

Metal Accents

Metal accent pieces are taking style trends by storm! In the past, it seemed that metal accents only fit best into more industrial style homes, sometimes modern styled too. But now there is a place for them in every home!

The above metal pieces fit well into modern, contemporary, industrial, maybe even coastal. The next accent is PERFECT for farmhouse/rustic homes, but would still work well in more contemporary or traditional homes.

Mixing metals is also a fun way to utilize these metal accents. Try mixing Silver and Copper; Gold and Pewter. The days of matchy, matchy are behind us!

Modern Rustic Combination

"What is Modern Rustic? The key to a modern rustic space is an open floor plan, modern furniture, and preserved and exposed natural architectural elements. The color scheme is very simple with large windows bringing the outdoors in. This style has an informal elegance – comfortable and modern living at its best!"

This trend is one I personally love. I have always been drawn to more rustic styles personally, but I have never been able to allow myself to go all-in to "Rustic". Everyone has their own personal styles that they love in the home, and usually those styles are a mix of one or two (or three or four) other home styles. For example, like I said, I love rustic, but I also love the airy feel and the blue tones of a Coastal home style.

To create that Modern/Rustic space in your home, think clean lines - squared off couches, circular, stone & metal coffee tables. Now the "Natural" architectural elements play a key role in creating this style in your space. The natural elements include exposed ceiling beams, stone fireplaces, wooden counter tops. Finish off your look with appropriate accents - Rustic accessories, Modern throws. Let your new found style dictate how you finalize your space!

Neutral Color Schemes

What is Neutral? Think whites, grays, blacks, browns. Neutral brings to mind fresh, clean, earthy, new; at least to me. This trend is not exactly new, in my opinion, but it is starting to be found EVERYWHERE. New builds, remodels. There is something very fresh and comforting about the neutrals.

Neutral colors are also a fantastic building block in the design world. Creating a space full of neutral tones allows you to bring singular objects, accessories, or artwork to the center of attention when they bring that POP of color. You can be fun and playful with this, adding bright colors like pinks, yellows, and reds, or more sophisticated by adding blues, or purples. You can keep things fresh and natural by making green your pop color and adding greenery to your space. Or you can make your pop pieces more glam by adding gold or copper accents into the mix! Neutral throughout the home allows each space to be harmonious and tied together, while still allowing that color pop needed to set each space apart from the other.

Or forget the pop and just keep things neutral. There is such a warm, classic beauty in a truly clean, neutral colored space.

Multi Functional Spaces

A Guest Room and an Office, A Kitchen and a Dining Room, An Office and a Living Room! Who says a room needs to be one thing?! A big up and coming trend I have seen are these multifunctional spaces. There are pros and cons to this trend, I'll admit. Some of the biggest benefits are being able to fully utilize all available space, and being able to keep the family in close area to one another. But there are risks of spaces feeling cramped, or the function of the room being lost due to the many things going on (Pro Staging tip: Muddled spaces in a home are a big problem when trying to sell. Your buyers want to know the main function of each individual space!). This trend is not my favorite, but if it does take off I can see it growing on me more.

Thank you for hanging around for the second article in our series! That is it for these up and coming design trends! But! We will have more articles coming to you soon! Let me know what your interested in reading about! Staging tips? Design tricks? Space saving and organizing? I would love to hear from you!

Until next time!

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