Design Trends Sure To Make You Swoon! | 1

Are you looking for ways to update your space? All of this time at home has probably got you ready to make some MAJOR changes! It is always fun to play around with our homes' style; your personal preference can change by the year! That being said, if you are looking for the next round of Design Trends to add to your home this year, look no further! Here are our top Design Trends to look for over the next year;

Sophisticated Blues

Blue has taken the design world by storm recently, and that trend is only growing! Blue Living Rooms are in, Blue Kitchens, Blue Bedroom! Now, that's not to say all blues are the same. This trend tends to stick toward the deep, rich, regal hue in the color palettes. Think deep blue seas, or the vast night skies.

In the living room, you can add this blue sparingly; through pillows, accessories, throw blankets. This creates a cool, calming, yet fresh space in the home. Adding in this beautiful color this way does allow for less commitment as well. Next year's trend is crimson red? New pillows and throws and you're good to go!

But if you're like us and you feel this blue is your soul color; it is literally you, then you can dare to be more bold. Buy an accent chair, a couch, or jump in and paint an accent wall this beautiful hue! These bold options up the emotion a space lets off. A deep blue couch adds a modern, regal feel to it. An accent wall creates a deeply calming, relaxed space. It is your space, always make it your own.

Light Woods

Gone are the days off Deep Cherry and Rich Mahogany. Say hello to Light Wood! Light wood cabinets and flooring are quickly becoming the trend of this coming year. Design trends in the last few years became overwhelmed by the need for "Light and Airy", so it is about time that our more permanent features follow along! The lightness of these features allows for your accents and accessories to take center stage. I personally love this trend, and I'm excited to see new homes as they begin to adapt.

Gold Tones

Gold Side Tables, Gold Mirrors, Gold Lamps, Vases, Trays, Spikey little table thing people use to decorate their tables, but has no use outside of that. Gold is everywhere right now and we are LOVING IT! Adding a touch of gold to a space instantly adds interest. Gold is not subtle. Gold accents can work well in a variety of home styles too; Modern (of course), Glam (well duh) , Eclectic. But in a Rustic Farm House styled Living room, a gold mirror can add a pop! In a Traditional styled home, it adds a little more class and elegance. This design piece is surprisingly versitile!

I have quite a few more trends to go over! But I figured I would keep each one a quick read for you guys! So if you enjoyed this read, or you are dying to see what other styles to add to your home this year, stay tuned for Part Two!

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