Color Consultations

Color is powerful. Color is a central part of setting the emotion one feels when entering a space. Do the colors in your home evoke what you want to feel or want others to feel? Does your living room feel cozy and inviting? Do you feel energized or excited? Does your bedroom feel relaxing and soothing? Calm and peaceful? Color can help you achieve these feelings in your home.

Hand Holding Color Swatches



Our Color Consultations focus in on creating a color palette for you that encompasses the theme, emotion, and style that you would like in your home. We are expertly trained to help create a certain complimentary rhythm throughout the home that creates cohesion, but also a unique mood for each room based on its use.

We will use our "Home Color Questionnaire" to best get a read on you and your home's color needs. We will take photos of room layouts, standout inspiration pieces, and listen to your goals for your home, as well as individual room goals for anyone else in the home.

After our Consult, we will create a custom color palette and inspiration board for your home. We will include recommended paint colors from our local Benjamin Moore, as well as local painter recommendations from our elite vendor list.

If you would like to include this service in your Room Redesign or Home Staging Service, just let us know when we set your appointment!