About Us

Tralynn Moriarty

My name is Tralynn Moriarty, and I am the Owner/Designer behind TM Homes & Redesign. I have always had an eye for design, and a passion for making people happy, and these two pieces of myself have meshed into my business.

My husband has served in the military for over 6 years now, and that meant we had to get used to moving. We went from a hotel room, to a tiny apartment, to a duplex on our base, to finally buying our own home; and this was just the first 4 years. Each space came with its own design challenges, i.e. weird little rooms, awkward spaces between the kitchen and dining room, a bedroom you walked through to get to another bedroom. Through each of these experiences, my designing eye and creativity began to truly blossom. I found new ways to utilize the space I had been given, and this skill has grown and brought me to pursue a home staging and redesign career.


Another aspect of military life can be the fear of a home sitting on the market too long; this would cause great stress if your next moving were getting closer and closer, while having no perspective buyers. I saw this happen with more families than I can count. If I had had the training then that I do now, I could have helped take at least one stressor off a stressful time for these families.


But now that I have my training, skills, and experiences under my belt, please let me help take some stress off you too!


One of our main goals at TM Homes and Redesign is to take the home preparation and staging stressors off our sellers and agents, so that selling a home becomes an exciting opportunity instead of a dreaded undertaking. Let us help you!

We are here to help your buyers fall in love with your property at first show; or we can help you fall back in love with the home you live in.

Have you ever been completely clueless on how to utilize a space or room in your home? Or how about have you ever lost sleep over the fact your beautiful home is still sitting on the market, when you were sure it would sell quickly?

Let us take some stress off of you!